As of October 7, 2016, our mission statement is:

Tanizul Timber Ltd will be operated in a businesslike manner while maximizing benefits to the Tl'azt'en people.

The Tl'azt'en people, at the fall 2016 Annual General Meeting passed a motion to update our older mission statement to include the idea of benefits to the Tl'azt'en people and to remove any indication that might suggest we are 'for profit.'

Tanizul Policy Manual, Trust Declaration, and Articles

Our policy manual is a perpetual draft.  Some sections of this manual need updating, however, it is official Tanizul policy:  Tanizul Policy Manual - November 2017   

Our trustee has signed a declaration outlining how Tanizul's shares are held in trust by him: Trust Declaration 

At the time of incorporation, the articles of the company were spelled out: Articles